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Staff trainings for schools and programs are currently available.  Contact us for more details.  

Current offerings for the 2013-2014 School Year:

The Flowing Classroom offers:

 Classroom Management:

This course is designed for Early Childhood and Elementary aged program staff members.  Teachers, assistant teachers, volunteers, care givers, coaches, group leaders, and any adult who manages a group experience for children will benefit greatly from this course.  Teachers continuously report that 80% of their class time is spent on discipline issues.  The Flowing Classroom offers simple to use, practical techniques that have instant results.  Adults who have effective tools for managing their class or group, feel good and can readily enjoy working with children.  Bring joy back into the job and leave at the end of the day with more energy.

The Flowing Classroom is pleased to offer this thorough, unbelievably effective course, as a full day or two partial day workshops.  Special offers are available for smaller groups or individuals to attend combined courses.  This makes this extensive workshop, that has only been available to schools and large centers, available for everyone.  The Classroom Management Course will be tailored to the educators, and leaders', industry specific needs.   

Participants will leave this course with:

-Effective language that
easily modifies children's behavior in a more desired direction
-Actual processes and techniques that can be used everyday
-A clear understanding of helpful theory and how to practice it in real life settings
-How to employ the attitude that elicits and encourages children's cooperation
-Practical practices that appeal to logic and work immediately
-Empowerment to go back into the field with renewed enthusiasm and a chance to really enjoy working with children
-and much more

Joy in Learning offers:

 Innovative Curriculum:

This course is designed for Early Childhood and Elementary school type programs.  Teachers, head teachers, assistant teachers, administrators, and program developers will benefit greatly from this course.  Create the modern classroom experience and get unbelievable results.  Utilize the best traditional philosophies have to offer by incorporating techniques used in
Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Educational Kinesiology, the Multiple Intelligences, Open Ed, Art Path, and others into a modern curriculum that produces results.  Learn the way to best utilize your classroom schedule and actual time with an emergent curriculum.  Combine academics, arts, and over all development into an easy to implement curriculum.  Learn the formula for instilling joy in learning.  Adult facilitators will develop curriculum design that will allow them to enjoy their job and have enthusiasm for teaching again.  

Joy in Learning offers this course as a full day or two partial day workshops.
Special offers are available for smaller groups or individuals to attend combined courses.  This makes this extensive workshop that has only been available to schools and large centers, available for everyone.  The Innovative Curriculum Course will be tailored to the specific program's needs.  To maximize the effectiveness of the ideal curriculum the Classroom Design course is offered as well.   

Participants will leave this course with:

-A clear idea of what subjects they'll want to cover in their curriculum by removing the boundaries of time restraints
-Methods to utilize their schedule's full potential
-Freedom from scheduling time stress and ability to do more, so much more, with the time in class
-A logical pattern to guide the curriculum themes, freeing the classroom of biased religious holiday based themes
-Theories that exemplify the way to reawakening children's natural joy and enthusiasm for learning
-Practical processes on how to hold the modern child's attention
-Curriculums that naturally encourage desired behavior in children
-and much more

 Classroom Design:

Through the classroom design course the curriculum will be allowed to come to life.  Exact layouts will be created to maximize your facilities potential.  Research based design will easily encourage desired behavior, flowing transitions between activities, and the greatest chance for children's participation in maintaining the organization and cleanliness of the work spaces.  A well thought out and adequately designed classroom will improve the atmosphere and attitudes, while eliminating much stress and busy work for the adult staff.  

This course can be combined with the Innovative Curriculum course or can be taken at a later time as a separate workshop.  It is recommended to partner the Classroom Design course with the Innovative Curriculum course. 

Participants will leave this course with:

-An exact blue print for their classroom or entire facility
-Lists of the best materials and supplies that will meet their programs exact needs in both curriculum and budget
-Logical ideas for creating
an environment that encourages organization and cleanliness will inspiring creativity
-A sense of the best way to materialize their ideal curriculum through their classroom's layout and supplies
-and much more 

 Professional Program Development:

Joy in Learning offers full program development for new or existing schools and programs.  Every aspect of the program functions, facility design, and curriculum will be modeled after the most advanced educational concepts available.  This will ensure your program will easily encourage desired behavior from students and provide them with the best possible environment and experiences for advanced learning.  Collaborating all aspects of the program to be in alignment with your exact philosophies and mission, will produce exceptional results that could not be obtained otherwise.   

Professional Program Development is offered as private consultations with administrators, investors, and key staff members only.  

Materials for modeling programs and classrooms after the Joy in Learning approach:

Joy in Learning still requires additional funding to materialize our exemplar school site.  This school will be the model for other educational programs to see how advanced educational concepts actually play out in real classroom settings.  Videos, photos, written and other materials used for improving existing educational programs and schools, as well as creating new ones.   Lesson plans, classroom design, teacher trainings and program development will be available to exemplify what would otherwise be only theory, and for many would have to be seen to be believed.

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