Joy in Learning
Joy in Learning


There is a way for students to experience joy as they learn.

There is a way for several subjects to be taught through each individual activity.

There is a way for academics and arts to be taught simultaneously. 

There is a way for the student of today to be prepared for the world of tomorrow.

There is a way for cutting edge technology and educational traditions to shape a curriculum. 

There is a way to utilize the most effective educational philosophies and best instructional techniques. 

There is a way to empower students through encouraging innovative thinking, creative problem solving, critical thinking skills, and experiential exploration. 

There is a way for students to be proficient in these necessary skills, academic subjects, and artistic disciplines in less weekly hours than the current school systems are spending on discipline alone. 


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Young people naturally seek knowledge.  They strive eagerly to expand their horizons.  They find pleasure in accomplishing challenging tasks, overcoming limitations, and utilizing newly learned skills. 

This only comes to a halt when it is curtailed by limiting experiences.  Reinforce the natural joy a child has, they will grow to be a joyful adolescent, and eventually a successful, joyful adult. 

When the public school systems have labeled 1 in 150 children with autism and 1 in 15 with ADD/ADHD...
something has gone terribly wrong

When the school system's solution is to try and bully families into administering drugs to children who've been given either label, or face the threat of expulsion...
something has gone unacceptably wrong.

When the teachers who have won awards and received acknowledgment from their community, colleagues, students, and parents, are then later reprimanded by their administrators, for their same innovative curriculums which won them the recognition originally...
something has to change.

When schools gain and lose money based on aptitude tests that were not written by child education experts; tests that score above average students lower than average students, and are racially biased...
something will change.

When there are alternatives...
something has changed.

Joy in Learning
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