Joy in Learning
We at Joy in Learning are dedicated to finding the best way to provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need to achieve their life's goals, and to be successful, healthy members of society. 

Understanding the direction of growth the future demands of us to embark on today, is an essential key in designing an educational program.  The adults of tomorrow can no longer be trained to be only factory workers, as our current education system was designed and funded to do.  It is crucial they are given the skills to advance with the world around them.  

We are dedicated to students having what they need to flourish instead of crippling their abilities.  The current practices of rote learning, teacher centered explanation without experience based learning, being kept quiet and stationary for hours in uncomfortable desks, all creates an unnatural environment for learning.  The focus becomes discipline and control.  Which only deprives children of the human experience, curtailing their natural enthusiasm to learn, seek knowledge, excel in various areas of skill, and personally strive for excellence.  Joy in Learning is committed to demonstrating the noticeable difference "whole person" based educational experiences have on the educational process as well as the students' results. 

Through utilizing the accomplished traditions and works of Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Educational Kinesiology, the Multiple Intelligences, Open Ed, Art Path, and countless others, we can provide the highest level of student preparation.  Implementing the most useful knowledge and practices of many educational philosophies and disciplines, assures that only the most enriching experiences will be created.  Many programs and schools decide to limit themselves by only modeling their program after one philosophy.  Employing the best of the best in our curriculum, environment, instructional methods, and all aspects, assures the pinnacle of human development will be reached.  This can only occur with a culmination of many practices, traditions, philosophies, and disciplines.  Every young person deserves the best our current times have to offer, we intend to give it to them. 

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